Apply a credit to a family

The first step is always to apply a credit to the family's account. This is sort of like "store credit" - They will be able to use this credit to pay for any registration in any current or future seasons, and it never expires.

  1. Go to the Family's account page.
  2. Click the Family Financial button
  3. Find the transaction that you would like to apply a credit to, and click the Admin Credit button below it. This will bring up a window where you can choose how much to credit them, and what kind of credit to apply.
    • A "Checked out" credit will adjust the family's AdminSports balance immediately, and cannot be turned into a refund.
    • A "Not checked out" credit will not immediately affect the family's balance, instead they will be able to use it for a future registration, or you will be able to refund it back to their credit card.

Not checked out

In some cases you may want to actually give all their money back, directly to the card that they used to pay. In that case, you will want to...

Make it a full refund

To actually refund a family, you will first need to give them a credit as described above, and make sure it is "Not checked out". Once you have done this, you will see the credit as a "Not checked out" item on their Financial page.

Under this credit, you may see a button called On-File Refund. This means the family's card is on file with us and you can refund the amount directly back to their card!