Season Setup

Manage Seasons

Go to the Manage Seasons page to create a new season.  You can set up "master" registration dates or registration caps that apply to all programs and a number of other options, such as whether parent volunteers are required, whether you want a daily registration summary, whether to display your product catalog during registration, or whether to allow catalog purchases after registration is complete.

Manage Programs

Once you've created your new season, you can then go to Manage Programs to set up in the individual programs within that season.  You can limit each program to a certain age and/or grade range, and set individual registration dates or registration caps per program.

Note: Remember, your season registration dates take precedence over your program registration dates. When the season closes, all programs close. So, make sure your season registration dates are broad enough to allow for all the program registration dates you have set.


In general, it is a good idea to create a "Withdrawn" program, to make withdrawals easier. If someone wants to withdraw from a program, you can simply move them to the Withdrawn program, and they will be removed from their previous roster and automatically credited a certain amount based on the cost of the program.

To do this, simply create a program with the shortname WD. Or, if you'd like to have multiple "withdrawn" programs (so you can refund people different amounts), simply create programs whose shortname begins with WD, such as WD-Travel or WD-Intown.

Most organizations set the cost of their WD program to $0, which means players will be credited the full amount of the program they paid for if they withdraw.  Or, if you want to impose a withdrawal fee, you could set a cost such as $10—in that example, someone who paid for a $100 program would only be credited $90 when they withdraw.  You could even set WD to the same price as your actual programs, and then they would not be credited at all (no change). It's up to you!


New!  If you'd like to create a "tryout" program where people can sign up for free and then have their card charged only if they pass, let us know!  We can create this for you.  (We set this up for you instead of giving you the options on-screen, as it often requires a more in-depth setup.)